Medifilms Corporation is a multidisciplinary company whose mission is to conduct research, undertake technology projects related to health, healthcare, wellbeing and bring these medical sciences closer to patients and communities by translating research results into quality media content. We disseminate such medical content via Cable TV, Public TV, Steaming video technologies and hospital web portals. Medifilms is a corporation based in San Jose, California. 


   Our Health Informatics division brings a powerful interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to improving the process of health and healthcare via new generation information technologies. We are currently developing this new architecture model. This revolutionary model is based on new generation technologies, novel approaches and user-friendly interfaces. This model redefines how we identify, diagnose and treat diseases. We are developing radically new architecture & algorithms based on patient’s ethnicity, environmental, nutrition, physical activity and some behavioral parameters to name a few. This will have an easy access to healthcare processes with lowest associated costs and help millions around the world. The health division collaborates with a nationwide network of researchers, clinical scholars, public health officials and policymakers to conduct research closely tied to policy and current practice.

The following is our current primary focus areas:

  • Health Informatics & Smart Healthcare – Modeling & Architecture

  • Regulatory Compliance including HIPAA

  • Research Health & Medical Databases. Medical Literature search

  • Enterprise Secured Architecture

  • IT Security, Assessments & Auditing.


   Researchers of our division work to showcase new research in the fields of health, healthcare and popularize programs that demonstrate promise in impacting people’s overall well-being. In addition, we translate research findings and their implications to a variety of audiences, including physicians, healthcare professionals, member patients and hospital administrators as documentary films, video shorts and specialty videos. The Health division’s team has decades of combined experience in life sciences and Health Informatics,

   Our Film Division is a dissemination wing of this corporation. It produces original, educational, informative documentary films and digital media content related to health, healthcare and overall well-being. Medifilms Corporation has partnered with many outstanding institutions and talented people such as medical experts, scientists, healthcare technologists and community leaders. The information is disseminated by reaching out, digitally, to as many communities as possible, by embracing the new generation streaming technologies for mobile devices and through the Internet at large.


   We take highly complicated subjects and narratives that deal with health, healthcare and related technologies; then translate this information into user friendly graphics, visual images and script that is easier to understand.  The field of healthcare has become extensive in recent years and gained importance in many people’s lives.  Our specialty films are unique, as each episode not only contains background information about the specific subject, but also provides expert opinions from professionals within the medical industry. Their vast knowledge covers health tips and preventive care from which a majority of people can benefit. Our talented production crew produces visually stunning, high-resolution, and rich-content films about health, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and overall wellbeing.

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