Medifilms Corporation produces visually stunning, high-resolution, and rich content documentary films in the field of health, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and wellbeing niches. Each title focuses on a specific topic including foundational sciences and medical interpretations from experts around the world. Our unique films engage, educate and inspire the lives of millions. We intend to become the #1 digital production platform in the health, healthcare and wellbeing domains, reaching millions of users around the world. 

The Information applies to all positions listed below:

Job Type: 6 – 12-month contract opportunity

Salary: Commensurate with experience.

Position responsibilities may change to fit production needs. The following positions operate in an office setting 50% of the time. Normally it is Monday through Friday; however, occasional evening and weekend hours are required. Approximately 50% of travel time is required. Domestic and international travel, based on the film project's requirements.

Please send cover letter and resume to: jobs(at)medifilms.com

Creative Content Producer

We are looking for a smart, confident, and creative-minded producer with a passion for creating, producing, and managing rich thought-provoking,  video content. He / She should have foundational knowledge in life sciences, health, healthcare, motion picture technology and work like an architect with an artistic mindset – we want someone who can inspire while overseeing the production process from beginning to end.

Produce and manage the creative domains of multiple projects throughout the production life cycle – Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production. Be able to define project needs. Coordinate and supervise production contracts, budgets, schedules, timing of creative team members. Be able to work with the Legal, Sales, Marketing, and Science departments to help create best-in-class content. Assist creative/production teams with any and all tasks assigned by producers or upper management. At least 5 years of experience spanning editorial, design, advertising, film, production and the health sciences. Must of excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Videographer / Photographer

The videographer is responsible for shooting still as well as video / film footage of assigned film projects in indoor or outdoor environments. He / she is also responsible for documenting the (making of the movie) sequences of studio setups, lab setups, location setups, props, crews, actors, directors, producers, locations etc.  Must have knowledge of cameras, (film + digital), cinematography and production techniques. Knowledge of video editing tools is a plus. Ability to understand digital cameras, software, hardware, configurations a plus. He / She is responsible for the care and maintenance of cameras, lenses, support systems, lighting and audio equipment all the time; will transport, set up, and operate equipment and assist with staging and set preparation in studio as well as outdoor environments. Ability to lift & move heavy motion picture related equipment. Assist creative/production teams with any and all tasks as assigned by producers or upper management. At least 3 years of experience in photography / videography and editing. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Include photo samples or a link to your photographic portfolio site.

Film Production Assistant

We are looking for a supportive assistant with talents in handling photo / video equipment. He or She should be people friendly person and help almost all teams in indoor or outdoor situations in moving, installing, configuring and setting up tracks, props etc., as per the team / project requirement. Daily runs for kitchen supplies, office supplies, crew needs. Manage catering and provide / arrange coffee & food timely, arrange crew transportation when needed. Knowledge in general photography / videography, support systems, portable moving equipment, lifting equipment such as Pallet Jack a plus. Ability to lift & move heavy motion picture related equipment. Knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite, editing tools, packing & shipping skills, inventory maintenance, call sheets, lighting equipment a plus. Assist creative/production teams with any and all tasks as assigned by producers or upper management. Punctual, organized and detail-oriented. Knowledge and interest in basic science, health, and healthcare topics. A deep interest in photography and cinematography. At least 3 years of experience in general assistance in any film production environment. Excellent verbal & written communication skills.

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