The Road to Wellbeing & Tranquility
23 Episodes

Yoga is based on ancient scriptures, and its origins are deeply embedded in Indian culture. In its infancy, yoga was practiced as a spiritual form in ancient India and later evolved during the Indian classic and medieval periods into a physical form.  Today, yoga is recognized and practiced by millions around the world.  Yoga offers positive health for both the body and mind associated with its specific body postures, movements, and other yogic techniques.

We are in the process of producing an incredibly informative, 23-episode documentary film series on yoga.  Developed in high resolution (4K), this documentary will be available on multiple media platforms, including television, streaming, and mobile. The film will take you to different continents, including the Indian sub-continent, and consists of highly advanced information on yoga theory and practice, based on original yogic science scriptures that were written more than 5000 years ago.  This yoga series covers information from ancient, classical, and medieval Indian scriptures. You will discover the original Yoga asanas, kriyas, and get a glimpse at the evolution of asanas. 

There have been many educational documentaries covering the subject of yoga, but until this series, nothing as extensive as this has been done before. With in-depth research and amassing original script data written over 5,000 years ago, this is a must-see, one-of-a-kind production.  You will hear from yoga experts and scholars from India, as well as from Europe and North America.  The documentary series will reveal new facts and describe, in great detail, all aspects of India's original, authentic yoga.  Discover step-by-step yoga asanas, and other techniques such as pranayama and meditation, with detailed explanations regarding the best practices, guidance, and methodologies of yoga theory and practice.

Also included are  interpretations from medical professionals and the opinions of the world's leading yoga scholars.  The methods described in this series will not only improve the physical and mental health of millions of people, but possibly enhance their purity of mind and body.  Through mind coordination and balance, millions of viewers could reach superior health and well-being.

This 23-episode series covers every aspect of yoga in high resolution, vibrant visual imagery, and rich content.  The documentary film series will be exhilarating for yoga enthusiasts, yoga teachers, yoga center attendees, yoga therapy patients, healthcare facilities, and it is sure to find its proper place on media shelves at universities, public libraries, hospitals, and schools. Amateurs and children alike will find the depth and scope of yoga stimulating.  The content of this film will provide direction and much-needed stimulus for the study of yoga and a solid foundation to meet the needs of many communities.

This extensive, beautiful documentary film series may change the lives of millions!.


The Road to Wellbeing & Tranquility

23-Episode Documentary Film Series


4K resolution, Color, English, (21 Minutes each) Fits 30-minute TV slots


  1. Yoga – Origins and Ancient History

  2. Yoga - Types of Yoga, Explained

  3. Yoga – Yogi’s Code of Conduct

  4. Yoga – The process of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

  5. Yoga – Level 1 Asanas

  6. Yoga –Level 2 Asanas

  7. Yoga –Level 3 Asanas

  8. Yoga – Level 4 Asanas

  9. Yoga – The Art & Science of Pranayama – Level 1

  10. Yoga –The Art & Science of Pranayama – Level 2

  11. Yoga –The Technique of Thrataka (Eye exercise)

  12. Yoga – The technique of Dhouti Kriyas (Stomach exercises)

  13. Yoga – The Art & Science of Meditation, Level 1

  14. Yoga – The Art & Science of Meditation, Level 2

  15. Yoga –Asanas & Kriyas for Better Pulmonary Physiology

  16. Yoga – Asanas & Kriyas For Better Cardio-vascular Health

  17. Yoga –Asanas & Kriyas For Better Digestive Health

  18. Yoga – Asanas & Kriyas For Diabetes Relief

  19. Yoga –Asanas & Kriyas For a Balanced Immune System & Hormonal Levels

  20. Yoga – Asanas & Kriyas For Better Neurological Health

  21. Yoga –Asanas & Kriyas For Stress & Anxiety Relief

  22. Yoga –Asanas & Kriyas For a Weight Loss and Positive Emotions

  23. Yoga, Consciousness and Siddhi



Videos in German and Spanish



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